Frustrated with Budgeting in Excel?

Full Circle Budget is an Excel add-in that processes budgets directly from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics.

Makes Excel Based Budgeting More Efficient

It is time consuming and error prone to copy, paste, import, verify and reconcile budget numbers from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics. Companies need an efficient way to integrate their budget process with Microsoft Dynamics — without breaking the bank. Full Circle Budget is an Excel add-in that updates budgets from Excel, in any worksheet layout, directly into Microsoft Dynamics.

Full Circle Budget Integrations

Direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics accounting software.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation & setup

  • Improved efficiency

  • Financial report software agnostic

  • Add new account numbers automatically

  • Export audit log to Excel for further analysis

  • Password protect budget worksheets to manage templates

  • Lock budgets to control updates

  • All budget entries and updates are tracked in Audit Log

  • Retrieve previous versions of budget templates via workbook tracking

  • Support budget updates in real time or batch mode

  • Disable and/or lock Full Circle Budget definitions controlling budget updates

  • Insert formulas lost exporting from Management Reporter

Costa: A Success Story

Costa budgets for 26 departments in Excel and was comfortable using their current budget templates in Excel.  However, it was taking up to a week to copy, paste, verify and tie out the numbers once in Dynamics GP.  After considering other expensive budgeting software, Costa implemented Full Circle Budget.  They could still use their Excel budget entry templates, but now automate and control the budget updates to Dynamics GP.  They cut the budget processing time down from one week to fifteen minutes by deploying Full Circle Budget and received a positive ROI within the first week.

Streamline Excel Based Budgeting.
Simple. Affordable. Works With Any Excel Files.

Full Circle Budget Eliminates
Budget Frustrations for
Microsoft Dynamics Users

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